Glossary of SASE Related Terms


A network security product delivered over the cloud “as a Service”, and containing a large array of important networking and data security tools for IT to consume inside a single unified dashboard.


A Software Defined Wide Area Network is a cloud tool that removes the idea of hardware from network control, allowing IT to manage a network more simply and efficiently thanks to innovations in broadband Internet, 4G/LTE, and MPLS access.

Zero trust

A network access model that focuses on custom policies for users and their roles, devices, and locations, and constantly monitors them as they move through the network. This is the opposite of perimeter-based access, which grants unrestricted access based on credentials alone, and trusts those who are already inside the network.


A Cloud Access Service Broker is a type of software (either local or SaaS) that allows IT to enforce specific access policies on users who need access to a network’s cloud-based resources.


Firewalls monitor traffic flowing into and out of the network, and Firewall as a Service brings this capability to the cloud, so IT teams can consume it more easily and efficiently deploy it across network resources.


Secure Web Gateway is a breed of security and productivity solutions that helps IT teams filter web- or Internet-based traffic initiated by network users.


2-Factor Authentication is a “safety net” method for obtaining safe, authorized access to network resources. Rather than grant access based on credentials alone, applications and resources secured by 2FA also require users to authenticate themselves with their personal mobile devices via SMS or a code-generating app like Google Authenticator.


Software Defined Perimeter. This is a new type of user-centric network architecture whereby IT can deploy gateways and tunnels around the world so that remote employees have faster, safer access to resources residing on the edge of the network.